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Let’s talk about Erectile Dysfunction (ED), a 3-Part Series

Part I – 6 Steps to a Healthy Erection

Affecting more than 30 million men and counting, Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual issue that makes it difficult to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient to have sex. It’s treatable and remarkably common, yet widely unspoken about despite being the most common sex problem reported by men to their doctors. To get a better understanding of causes, effects and potential treatments for this condition, we’ve produced a three part series to bring you all the facts surrounding ED, starting with the anatomy of a healthy erection.

How often does your mind spiral down the rabbit hole of how and what goes into you getting a hard on? Never? That sounds about right. Part of taking hold of your sexual health is educating yourself on what’s actually going on in your body. Let’s begin with what exactly happens when you get an erection.

Long story short, a layered six-step process is what it takes for your goods to become happy, and as we dig deeper into your health & wellness, it’s important to know how an erection affects your physical body, as well as your mind.

Step 1: Sexual Stimulation Occurs It all starts in your brain. When you see an attractive person and begin to have intimate thoughts about them, that’s the type of stimulation that sets off a series of events to an erection.

Step 2: Neurotransmitters Activate Internally, there’s nitric oxide in your penis needed in order for the muscles to relax. Following stimulation, nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels in your penis – making it relax, which allows for more blood to enter and the penis to become erect.

Step 3: Vascular Smooth Muscles Respond Once your penis’ blood vessels begin to dilate, your erectile tissue also begins to relax.

Step 4: Blood Vessels and Erectile Tissue Widen The dilation of your blood vessels and erectile tissue set off a simultaneous widening of both. So your sexual thoughts have now dilated and widened two important parts of your penile anatomy.

Step 5: Erectile Tissue Compresses the Walls This erectile tissue is BUSY. Compressing the walls of your penis result in stopping the blood from flowing back out. Without a way to get out, the increase in blood to that specific part of your body is what takes it from limp to hard.

Step 6: The Penis Becomes Erect Sometimes erections don’t give you much of a heads up when they’re on their way, and some take longer than other to go away in those inopportune moments. But your penis will stay erect either until completion or an interruption occurs.

The timeframe that an erection occurs varies, but the above steps can result in a hard on almost immediately, depending on the situation of course. It’s important to have a deeper understanding of how your body works so you can notice when it may not be working the same way it used to.

If you’re noticing issues with your sexual health or just want to take a preventative approach, our men’s health experts can help. Call us at (404) 480-5229 to schedule a Bio-Wellness assessment. We’re offering new MENbers FREE lab work for a limited time only.

In good health, Team nüYOUth.Cub

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