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It’s not a “Midlife Crisis.” It’s Andropause.


Men, since you’ve eclipsed 30, are you feeling a bit more tired? Are you lacking energy, motivation, self-confidence, or just not feeling like…“yourself?” Are you finding it harder to have a satisfying sex life? Gaining weight, or finding it harder to build muscle? What about brain fog?

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, the reason behind these changes might surprise you; it might not be the proverbial “mid-life crisis.”

It’s called ANDROPAUSE.


Andropause, or more commonly known as “male menopause,” is a condition that affects men only. It’s when male hormones decline and become more difficult for the body to use. The most notable of these hormones is good ol’ testosterone. And with a testosterone decline comes a plethora of unwanted changes + symptoms which can significantly hinder the quality of a man’s life. Plus, these changes also cause pervasive health problems that can impact more than just your sex life.


The name “andropause” sounds similar to the more widely known condition, menopause, which is the decline of sex hormones in women — but, the two are different. Women usually experience menopause suddenly, with symptoms beginning sharply, making it apparent that something is changing in their body. Men experience andropause, or “low T,” gradually — over a span of decades, so the onset of symptoms is typically slow and steady.

This gradual change means that a lot of men will ignore changes or simply “chalk it up” as “normal aging,” when instead, they should be consulting a medical physician. Usually after the age of 30, men’s testosterone levels drop by about 1-3% per year. By the age of 50, most men have at least 20-60% less testosterone than they did before the age of 30.

Bottom line: Testosterone levels in men are directly linked to their quality of life, and if you are over the age of 30, your testosterone levels have already began to decline.


  • Lowered libido or sex drive

  • Weaker erections or the inability to maintain erections

  • Decreased energy levels

  • Depression

  • Hot flashes

  • Irritability/extreme mood swings

  • Diminished strength and endurance

  • Changes in hair and skin quality

  • Weight gain

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Poor concentration/memory loss and more

Any of these symptoms can result in a man wanting something new and dubbing it his “midlife crisis.” Impulsively buying sports cars or boats, changing hairstyle or even buying illicit + illegal substances; all to fill a void. But in reality, millions of men are actually suffering from andropause, NOT a midlife crisis. According to a recent study, of the millions of men with this condition, only 5% seek medical attention.


Seeking medical treatment is vital for longevity, wellness, and overall health. If the aforementioned symptoms are ignored for too long, severe life threatening conditions can present themselves with dire consequences such as heart disease, insulin resistance/diabetes, osteoporosis, internal organ failure and Alzheimer’s.

Do not wait until these debilitating conditions are already present; take action now.


We offer comprehensive wellness plans that include: diet + exercise plans, aesthetics, hormone replacement therapy and much more. Call us at (404) 480-5229 to schedule a club tour and private assessment today.

In good health, nüber-T

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